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Haploid cells are produced by what process?
a) meiosis
b) mitosis
c) observation
d) fertilization

Which is a form of stored food in a seed?
a) cotyledon
b) embryo
c) pistil
d) haploid

Which list shows the correct order of events of plant reproduction?
a) pollination, fertilization, seed development
b) seed development, pollination, fertilization
c) fertilization, seed development, pollination
d) fertilization, pollination, seed development

Which list shows the three parts of a pistil
a) stigma, style, ovary
b) stem, leaf, roots
c) ovule, ovary, sepals
d) anther, filament, petal

Which of the following is not necessary for pollination?
a) petals
b) pollen
c) anther
d) stigma

How are flowers that lack showy petals, nectar, and odors likely pollinated?
a) wind
b) bees
c) water
d) animals

What is a reproductive organ found on some plants?
a) flower
b) petal
c) pistil
d) ovary

What contains the male gametes of a flower?
a) pollen
b) ovary
c) pistil
d) seed

What is the female reporductive part of a flower?
a) pistil
b) anther
c) ovary
d) pollen

What is the tube that grows down the style and into the ovary?
a) pollen tube
b) filament
c) vein
d) style

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