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Ken is involved in many charitable activities in the community. Where should this information be included on his resume?
a) Activities and awards
b) Contact information
c) Experience
d) References

The information that should be provided for each reference includes name, title, position held, name and location of business, fax, e-mail and:
a) Date of birth.
b) Drivers license number.
c) Number of years in current position.
d) Telephone number

Mallory researched the business and its products/services prior to her job interview. This is considered a:
a) Proper preparation technique
b) Reflective activity
c) Source of job leads
d) Waste of time

Which of the following is appropriate body language in a job interview?
a) Avoiding direct eye contact
b) Fidgeting
c) Sitting straight
d) Slouching

Being able to think of new ways to solve old problems requires:
a) Adaptability
b) Creativity
c) Initiative
d) Tact

A growing trend for employers planning to add staff is to use:
a) Chronological tests
b) Fewer interviews.
c) Lie detector tests
d) On-line resumes

Which of the following contacts should Robert approach about providing a recommendation?
a) Chemistry lab partner
b) Marketing teacher
c) Next-door neighbor
d) Sister’s boyfriend

Prior to the interview, it is important to:
a) Be chewing gum for fresh breath
b) Dress in your workout clothes.
c) Know about the company’s products/services
d) Send the interviewer a thank you note.

Company personnel offices, newspaper ads and temporary employment agencies are sources of:
a) Job leads
b) References
c) Resumes
d) Unemployment benefits

Which section of a resume includes the applicant’s volunteer work, related job experience, and responsibilities?
a) Contact information
b) Education
c) Experience
d) Objective

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