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Utah Grade 5 Science Standard 1. TEACHERS: click here for quick copy question ID numbers.

What are the 3 states of matter?
a) Solid, Liquid, Plasma
b) Liquid, Gas, Plasma
c) Solid, Liquid Plasma
d) Solid, Liquid, Gas

A toy house is made of legos and is weighed. It is taken apart and each block weighed separately. If the weight of all the blocks is added, what will it total?
a) A little less than the weight of the house
b) The same as the weight of the house
c) A little more than the weight of the house
d) It would depend on how large the house was

How do you know something is a solid?
a) It will pour
b) It takes the shape of its container
c) It cannot be seen easily
d) It will hold its shape by itself

Which of these food have been though a chemical change?
a) carrots cut up in a salad
b) vinegar and oil mixed together
c) juice and water stirred together
d) sugar and cream boiled to make a sauce

Which is NOT a physical property of matter?
a) shape
b) phase (solid, liquid, gas)
c) hardness
d) flammability

The side panel of a car has rusted. What evidence shows that a chemical reaction has taken place?
a) It is hard to use
b) The sun has warmed it
c) It is dirty
d) A new substance has formed

Five (5) grams of salt are dissolved in 100ml of water to form a saltwater solution. If the solution is left to sit until the water has evaporated away how much salt would you expect to be left in the container?
a) 2.5 grams
b) 5 grams
c) 105 grams
d) 500 grams

What is the definition of Weight?
a) How much fat your body has in it
b) The pull of gravity on matter
c) The number on the scale
d) The shape your body has (round, tall, skinny, short)

What is the definition of Disolve?
a) The visual disappearance of one substance into another when they are mixed
b) The changing of one substance into another when they are mixed
c) The change of color when one one substance is mixed into another
d) None of the above

What is the definition of Product?
a) The answer when two (2) numbers are added together
b) Energy being given off or absorbed
c) Something that is made
d) Something you add to create a reaction

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