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A client is started on TPN for chronic pancreatitis. The most important assessments for the nurse to make 24 hours later are
a) BUN and creatinine levels
b) glucose level and ausluctation of lungs for presence of crackles
c) temperature and WBC count
d) redness and drainage at the central line insertion site

A client with renal calculus has a Foley catheter and an IV of NS at 150ml/hr. Which of the following findings warrants immediate reporting?
a) flank pain that radiates to the lower abdomen
b) nausea that is controlled with prescribed medication
c) no urine output for 2 hours
d) client reports of feeling \\

A client had a Whipple procedure 3 days ago. Which of the following assessments is most important for the nurse to follow up?
a) bowel sounds are auscultated 10/min
b) wound edges are slightly edematous, reddish, and soft
c) client reports abdominal pain radiating to shoulder and has a fever
d) WBC count of 9,000/mm3

A client is taking acetaminophen on a consistent basis. Which of the following client findings indicates possible acetaminophen toxicity?
a) WBC count of 5,500/mm3
b) platelet count of 350,000/mm3
c) direct bilirubin 2.0mg/dl
d) aspartate aminotransferase of 30 units/L

A client is to start taking bromocriptine (Parlodel) for management of Parkinson\\\'s disease. Which of the following instructions will help manage common side effects?
a) rise slowly when standing up
b) increase dietary fiber and fluid intake
c) chew sugarless gum
d) wear sunscreen when outdoors

Which of the following assessment data is most important for a nurse to report to the primary care provider?
a) SaO2 90% on room air
b) pulse 110 beats/min after lunch
c) clubbing of fingers and cyanotic lips
d) blood pressure 149/88 mmHg

A nurse is assisting a primary care provider with removal of a chest tube. The nurse should instruct the client to
a) lie on his left side during removal
b) hold his breath
c) inhale deeply during removal
d) perform Valsalva maneuver during removal

A nurse is caring for a client following a bronchoscopy. Which of the following client findings should the nurse report immediately?
a) blood-tinged sputum
b) dry nonproductive cough
c) fever of 37.2 C (99 F
d) bronchospasms

Airway depth for oropharyngeal suctioning is measured by
a) determining the distance from the nares to the occipital condyle
b) determining the distance from the corner of the mouth to the earlobe
c) determining the distance from the nares to the earlobe
d) inserting the catheter until resistance is met

Which of the following terms describes wound drainage that is thick and yellow?
a) serous
b) sanguineous
c) serosanguineous
d) purulent

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