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A paid or unpaid, practical, work experience through which a student or graduate gains practical experience under supervision is:
a) Apprenticeship.
b) Cooperative education
c) Internship.
d) Job shadowing

A postsecondary school where a student might receive a bachelor’s degree in a specific discipline is a:
a) College or university
b) Community college.
c) Graduate school.
d) Professional school.

Education and training provided by an employer that usually takes place at a work site is known as:
a) College education.
b) On-the-job training
c) Postsecondary education.
d) Job shadowing

Career pathways allow a student to:
a) Choose courses that help prepare them for any career
b) Choose a sequence of courses for their career interest.
c) Take any course they want to.
d) Take the courses that are assigned to them

Skills useful in the workplace are often developed:
a) Only in the workplace.
b) Only in high school
c) Through volunteer activities
d) When they are appropriately paid for

Bachelor’s, Master’s and Doctoral degrees are awarded by:
a) Colleges and universities.
b) Community colleges
c) Proprietary schools
d) Vocational schools

Which is an example of a Career-Technical Student Organization (CTSO)?
a) BETA club
b) Candy Stripers
d) Golf Team

The skill that is basic to all studying is:
a) math
b) reading
c) writing
d) speaking

Volunteer experiences may help a student:
a) Confirm career choices.
b) Take time away from required school work
c) Find a place to hang out with friends
d) Earn extra money

Which is an example of a poor study skill/habit?
a) Completing hard assignments first
b) Completing easiest assignments first.
c) Keeping a course notebook.
d) Keeping assignments up-to-date

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