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What is the purpose of Vehicle Buyback Program?
a) To get existing customers to validate vehicle ownership, satisfication, and schedule apprasial.
b) To Call aftermarket facilities and gather information.
c) Schedule an appraisal after a mail or email has been sent to prospects.
d) To answer service or sales inquiries

WHat is the purpose of a lost customer?
a) Contact customers to see what vehicle they recently purchased.
b) Contact customers to understand why they declined services.
c) Contact inactive customers to identify ownership status and determine reasons for no return.
d) Contact customers to ask for referrals.

What is the purpose of a CSI Survey?
a) Customer Satisfication Index to follow up with Sales and Service customers 24-48 hours after visit.
b) To rate the vehicle the customer purchased.
c) To create a lead for the sales department.
d) To maintain a relationship with the client through coupons and customer journey.

They are the liason between the Marketing client and Operations
a) Workforce Management
b) Client Services
c) Quality Assurance
d) Supervisors

What does the CIC stand for?
a) Central Inquisitive Communication
b) Customer Intelligence Center
c) Customer Interaction Center
d) Corn Indigo Carrots

They are is in charge of; scheduling, time off requests, controling the dailer, and reporting at site and agent level?
a) Workforce Management
b) Supervisors
c) Quality Assurance
d) Client Services

In 2008, DMEautomotive announced the acquistion of ......., an automotive focused direct marketing company based in St. Louis?
a) JM Family
b) Red Rocket
c) Customer Journey
d) Full Circle Solutions (FCS)

In 2007 DMEautomotive joined forces with automotive powerhouse.....?
a) SET(Southeast Toyota)
b) JMsolutions
c) Full Circle Solutions
d) Red Rocket

How often does the average car owner trade in their vehicle?
a) 2 years
b) 5 years
c) 3 years
d) 1 year

Most car manufactorers offer what type of warranty?
a) 3year/25,000 mile
b) 2 year/25,000 mile
c) 3 year/36,000 mile
d) 10 year/100,000

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