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An example of a pathogen is:
a) bacteria
b) virus
c) fungi
d) all of the above

What is NOT a way that pathogens are spread.
a) touching a doorknob
b) kissing
c) eating rare meat
d) boiling water

What kind of disease is rheumatoid arthritis?
b) West Nile Virus
c) autoimmune disorder
d) cancer

What are the two types of immune response?
a) first line and second line
b) innate and acquired
c) pathogen and antigen
d) direct and indirect

Why are white blood cells sent to the part of the body that is infected by pathogens?
a) to heal the infection
b) to supply blood to the infected area
c) to provide immunity
d) to destroy the pathogens

AIDS is caused by
a) bacteria
b) virus
c) semen
d) blood

All of these are symptoms of inflammation EXCEPT:
a) redness
b) swelling
c) pain
d) oozing

These white blood cells engulf or "eat" pathogens
a) phagocytes
b) helper T cells
c) B cells
d) killer T cells

These proteins fight viruses
a) complement proteins
b) interferon
c) antibodies
d) histamines

You can get passive immunity by
a) getting a vaccine
b) breastfeeding
c) getting over a cold
d) taking Tylenol

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