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Which genre usually has photographs instead of illustrations?
a) Realistic Fiction
b) Fables
c) Fairytales
d) Nonfiction

Which genre usually animals as characters?
a) Fables
b) Poetry
c) Biographies
d) Fairytales

Which genre do you read for entertainment?
a) Informational Nonfiction
b) None
c) All Fiction
d) Autobiographies

Which genre usually ends happily ever after?
a) Folktales
b) Fantasy
c) Fairy Tales
d) Fables

Which genre is about real people?
a) Realistic Fiction
b) Biographies
c) Encyclopedias
d) Informational Nonfiction

Which genre often rhymes?
a) Poetry
b) Fiction
c) Nonfiction
d) Resource Books

Which genre can be found on the internet?
a) Fiction
b) Nonfiction
c) All
d) None

Why do we read dictionaries?
a) To Entertain
b) To Inform
c) To Persuade
d) To Describe

Which genre has characters, setting and a problem?
a) Fiction
b) Poetry
c) Nonfiction
d) Fliers

Which genre could you write about yourself?
a) Realistic Fiction
b) Informational Nonfiction
c) Biography
d) Autobiography

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