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The United States Constitution corrected a weakness in the Articles of Confederation by
a) providing for the abolition of slavery
b) banning the possession of guns by citizens during peacetime
c) granting Congress sole control over interstate and foreign commerce
d) creating a process for territories to become states

The adoption of the Bill of Rights (1791) addressed the Antifederalist criticism of the new Constitution by
a) providing for an indirect method of electing the president
b) establishing a process for impeaching federal officials
c) allowing the national government to coin money
d) protecting citizens from abuses of power by the national government

A major criticism of the electoral college is that it
a) limits the influence of the two-party political system
b) makes the federal election process too expensive
c) forces each political candidate to campaign in every state
d) allows a president to be elected without a majority of the popular vote

Which action is an example of the unwritten constitution?
a) formation of the first cabinet by President George Washington
b) declaration of war by Congress in 1812
c) enforcement of the Alien and Sedition Acts by President John Adams
d) admission of Vermont and Kentucky as states

Increased immigration from Ireland to the United States during the 1840s was primarily a result of
a) crop failures in Ireland that led to mass starvation
b) religious warfare in Ireland between Catholics and Protestants
c) unemplyment in Ireland caused by industralization
d) refugees fleeing the new monarchy in Ireland

A major cause of the Monroe Doctrine (1823) was to
a) limit European influence in the Western Hemisphere
b) avoid involvement in Canadian conflicts
c) form military alliances with Latin American nations
d) establish United States colonies in South America

In Korematsu v. United States (1944), the Supreme Court said that the removal of Japanese Americans from their homes was constitutional because
a) most Japanese Americans were not United States citizens
b) there was strong evidence of significant Japanese sabotage on the West Coast
c) this type of action was necessary during national emergency
d) many Japanese Americans refused to serve in the United States Armed Forces

The United States found it difficult to remain neutral during the first three years of World War I becuase of its desire to
a) expand its interests in the Caribbean
b) obtain migrant workers for American farms
c) maintain freedom of the seas for trade with European nations
d) control the Suez Canal

In the late 1800s, the principles of the Social Darwinism were most consistent with the ideas of
a) Populism
b) utopian socialism
c) trustbusting
d) laissez-faire economics

As a result of the Spanish- American War, the United States saw the need to build the Panama Canal because
a) new colonies had been acquired in Africa
b) United States railroads could not transport enough manufacturd goods
c) the United States navy could then move more quickly between oceans
d) Spanish opposition to the canal had ended

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