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Reading is important in the workplace because of the need to read:
a) Shakespeare’s great works.
b) A co-worker’s e-mail
c) Instructions from the supervisor.
d) TV Guide.

A group of people who work together to set goals, make decisions, solve problems, and put ideas into action is called a:
a) Transition.
b) Job
c) Team
d) Priority

Which often has the most effect on the understanding of a spoken message?
a) What is said?
b) What is heard?
c) Nonverbal communication
d) Voice tone

Anyone who receives feedback should:
a) Be offended
b) Be resentful
c) Use it to gain revenge on the sender
d) Use it as an opportunity to learn.

When talking on the phone at work, it is acceptable to:
a) Chew gum quietly.
b) Speak clearly.
c) Eat or drink quietly.
d) Immediately place the caller on hold.

The words TO, FROM, DATE and SUBJECT appear in the heading of a:
a) Memorandum.
b) Business letter
c) Table of contents
d) Good-news letter.

When delivering a speech, it is best to focus on the:
a) copy of the speech
b) note cards
c) audience
d) floor

Which written document is usually very brief and resembles a memo?
a) email message
b) Letter of Application
c) Performance evaluation
d) Word processing document

When addressing someone involved in a conflict:
a) Use “you” messages.
b) Use profanity
c) Talk to him/her in a private location
d) Speak loudly and sharply.

Turning a conflict over to a third party when those involved cannot agree on a solution is:
a) Evaluation.
b) Creative thinking.
c) Etiquette.
d) Arbitration.

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