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Which are functions of employees working the the WHite House Office?
a) preside over certain congressional hearings and legislative matters
b) porsecute those accused of spying and treason against the government
c) advise the President on foreign, domestic, and defense matters
d) report to the President on the purchase of supplies for the government

Which is NOT one of the principles upon which all bureaucracies are organized?
a) formal rules
b) hierarchical authority
c) job specialization
d) merit system

The phrase the "name game" in relation to the federal bureaucracy suggests that
a) government unit names are frequently changed to alter their responsibilities
b) titles of government units are not standardized
c) bureaucrats play many games with the bureaucracies they work for
d) the name "commission" is reserved for agencies of Cabinet rank

Which of the following best summarizes the main purpose of the Executive Office of the President?
a) Aiding the Vice President in the preparation of the budget
b) Keeping the President in touch with the Cabinet
c) assisting the President in his or her dealings with Congress
d) Helping the President carry out his/her duties as chief executive

Some independent agencies are quasi-legislative & quasi-judicial in that they
a) discuss rules and regulations for public policy with Congress and the courts
b) have certain powers given to them by Congress to make laws & rule on conflicts
c) must enforce laws and decisions made by Congress and the courts
d) tell Congress which laws to pass in regard to their functions

Which statement about staff and line agencies is true?
a) Although line agencies serve in a support capacity they also perform the agencies' designated tasks
b) staff agencies serve primarily to operate public programs, they have line units help them operate
c) line agencies perform tasks & administer programs, while staff agencies furnish advice & assistance
d) the functions of staff agencies and line agencies never overlap

The National Security Council's main job is to
a) carry out secret operations in other countries to further the nation's security
b) provide support staff for the work of agencies like the FBI
c) report on security threats made against the White House
d) advise the President on all domestic, foreign, and military aspects of the nation's security

The federal employees who work most dierctly with the President are part of the
a) White House Office
b) the Office of Management and Budget
c) the Office of Policy Development
d) the Office of Administration

Two major jobs of Cabinet members are to act as advisors and
a) leaders
b) legislators
c) party officers
d) both a and c

What type of dog breed is Ms. Lindgren's new puppy Guage?
a) English Setter
b) English Water Spaniel
c) Old English
d) English Springer Spaniel

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