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As ______, the President is the symbol of all the people of the nation.
a) chief diplomat
b) chief of state
c) chief legislator
d) commander in chief

A(n) _______ is an international agreement that requires senate approval.
a) pardon
b) executive agreement
c) treaty
d) commutation

A judicial power of the president to reduce or lesson a sentence is known as a(n) _____
a) commutation
b) pardon
c) reprieve
d) persona non grata

The ___________ outlines the powers of the presidency.
a) Executive agreement
b) Persona non grata
c) Pardon
d) Executive Article

A _____ postpones the execution of a sentence.
a) commutation
b) pardon
c) reprieve
d) clemency

A directive made by the President that has the effect of law is called a(n) _____
a) executive agreement
b) executive order
c) amnesty
d) clemency

The Pesident can make a(n) ______ with heads of foreign states without the consent of the Senate
a) Executive agreement
b) Executive order
c) recognition
d) amnesty

The Presdient can accept anohter country as equal in the family of nations under the power of ______.
a) clemency
b) commutation
c) reputation
d) recognition

______ is the granting of a general pardon to a whole group of law violators.
a) commutation
b) amnesty
c) clemency
d) pardon

A President can serve no more the ______ years in office.
a) 10
b) 12
c) 4
d) 8

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