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On average, ocean water has a salinity level of
a) 3.5 parts per thousand
b) .035 parts per thousand
c) 0.35 parts per thousand
d) 35 parts per thousand

Possible theory that explains how our oceans first developed
a) from volcanic activity
b) earthquakes
c) earth's rotation
d) Coriolis Effect

Drastic change in salinity with change in depth is called
a) thermocline
b) pycnocline
c) halocline
d) salinocline

General movement of ocean water begins at the
a) equator
b) poles
c) near the continents
d) in deep water

The tendency of ocean water and wind to be deflected is due to the
a) plates shifting
b) Sun's gravitational pull
c) Moon's gravitational pull
d) the Earth's rotation

When low tides are higher than normal and high tides are lower than normal, it's a
a) spring tide
b) neap tide
c) an eddy
d) a gyre

Dissolved oxygen ______with depth
a) increases
b) stays the same
c) decreases
d) fluctuates

The Thames river joining Long Island Sound is an example of an
a) ocean eddy
b) ocean current
c) estuary
d) none of these

The tides have
a) large wavelengths and small wave heights
b) small wavelengths and large wave heights
c) large wavelengths and large wave heights
d) small wavelengths and small waveheights

Reason we see only one side of the moon is due to
a) the Coriolis Effect
b) the sun is too bright
c) synchronous rotation
d) the moon being so small

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