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The longest physical feature on Earth is the
a) rift
b) mid-ocean ridge
c) seamount
d) continental shelf

A seamount is a:
a) submarine
b) sea horse
c) mountain under the sea
d) type of volcano

The sloped areas that surround the continents to make a shallow sea are called:
a) continental shelf
b) trench
c) continental slope
d) coastline

The tides are caused by the pull of the:
a) Moon
b) other planets
c) current
d) undertow

A tsunami can be caused by
a) upwelling
b) the currents
c) the tides
d) an earthquake

Where the shore meets the sea is called the
a) coastline
b) continental shelf
c) continental slope
d) river

The crack that runs down the center of a mid-ocean ridge is called a
a) trench
b) rift
c) seamount
d) abyssal plain

What is the cause of seafloor spreading
a) currents
b) pollution
c) plate tectonics
d) earthquake

Which part of the ocean is farthest from shore?
a) continental shelf
b) mid-ocean ridge
c) continental slope
d) coastline

What is one way that salt gets in the ocean?
a) ships
b) ocean currents
c) volcanic ash carried by the rain
d) upwelling

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