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Which statement best describes an impact of geography on the history of the Korean peninsula?
a) Large deserts have led to isolation
b) Location has led to invasion and occupation by other nations
c) Lack of rivers has limited food production
d) Lack of natural resources has prevented development of manufacturing

The caste system in India and the feudal system in Europe were similar in that both
a) provided structure for society
b) developed concepts of natural rights
c) established totalitarian governments
d) promoted peace and prosperity

Which belief is shared by an African who practices animism and a Japanese person who practices Shinto?
a) Only one God rules the universe
b) Periodic fasting is essential to spiritual purity
c) Spirits exist in both living and nonliving things
d) All suffering is caused by desire and selfishness

Italy, Korea, Spain and India are similar in that each is considered
a) an archipelago
b) a peninsula
c) a landlocked nation
d) an island nation

According to Buddhist principles, believers can end personal suffering by
a) doing good deeds
b) eliminating selfish desires
c) making pilgrimages to Mecca
d) relying on divine help

Christianity, Islam, and Judaism are similar in that they all ask their followers to
a) believe in reincarnation
b) strive for nirvana
c) follow a code of behavior
d) practice polytheism

Shintoism and animism share a belief in the importance of
a) reincarnation
b) spirits in nature
c) holy books
d) missionaries

In a comparison of the ancient cities of Athens and Sparta, Sparta placed more emphasis on
a) education
b) military service
c) family order
d) human rights

After the western Roman Empire fell to Germanic invaders in the 5th century A.D., the eastern part of the empire eventually became known as the
a) Byzantine Empire
b) Carthaginian Empire
c) Islamic Empire
d) Persian Empire

The Age of Pericles in Athens, the Gupta Empire in India, and the Tang dynasty in China all experienced a golden age with
a) advancements in the principles of democratic governments
b) outstanding contributions in the arts and sciences
c) the end of foreign domination
d) the furthest expansion of their borders

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