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Which factor can lead to an increase in ocean water density
a) a decrease in temperature
b) a decrease in salinity
c) an increase in temperature
d) a decrease in pressure

Ocean water rotates in this direction in the Northern Hemisphere
a) Counter clockwise
b) clockwise
c) north to south
d) south to north

This term describes the amount of dissolved salt in seawater
a) density
b) temperature
c) salinity
d) buoyancy

When the Sun, Earth, and Moon are all aligned it is called
a) Neap Tide
b) Synchronous Rotation
c) Spring Tide
d) Tidal Alignment

As a wave approaches shore its
a) wavelength increases and its wave height decreases
b) wavelength decreases and its wave height increases
c) wavelength increases and its wave height increases
d) wavelength decreases and its wave height decreases

Earth would experience its heighest high tide during which lunar phases
a) New Moon and Full Moon
b) 1st quarter and 3rd quarter
c) waxing crescent and waning crescent
d) waxing gibbous and waning gibbous

A drastic change in temperature with depth is called a
a) halocline
b) pycnocline
c) thermocline
d) temperature decline

The _____is responsible for bringing warm water to Northern Europe resulting in mild winters
a) Labrador current
b) Gulf Stream
c) South Equatorial current
d) West Wind Drift

Surface waves are created primarily due to
a) density differences
b) the Gulf Stream
c) salinity
d) wind

A density current is formed due to
a) High Winds
b) Coriolis Effect
c) changes in salinity and temperature
d) wind

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