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Vocational rehabilitation services are:
a) Free only to those who are physically handicapped
b) Free only to those who are mentally handicapped.
c) Available only to those persons who are at least 21 years old.
d) Free to those who meet the legal eligibility guidelines.

This act was passed in 1967 and prohibits discrimination against people between forty and seventy years of age:
b) Americans with Disabilities Act.
c) Age Discrimination Act
d) Rehabilitation Act.

Life roles are:
a) The various parts of one’s life, such as citizen, parent, spouse, worker, etc.
b) The way a person lives his/her life, including geographic location, type of home, etc.
c) The legal union of a man and a woman.
d) Extended protection to those with need.

One condition that can be most dangerous on the job is:
a) Obesity
b) Absenteeism
c) Inadequate rest.
d) Sexual harassment.

A natural reaction to the demands of daily life is:
a) meditation
b) fighting
c) stress
d) sleeping on Coach Gettys' classroom floor

You can reap the benefits of exercise by exercising a minimum of:
a) Once a week for thirty minutes.
b) Three times a week for twenty minutes.
c) Five times a month for twenty minutes
d) Seven times a day for ten minutes.

Which developmental group is mainly concerned with providing for a family?
a) Infants
b) Older Adults
c) Middle-aged adults
d) Adolescents

A law that guarantees financial assistance to workers injured on the job is:
a) Medicare/Medicaid.
b) Rehabilitation Act of 1973.
c) Workers’ Compensation.

A group of people who are caring for both their parents and their children are called:
a) Generation X.
b) Generation Y
c) The sandwich generation.
d) The greatest generation.

Putting important items that need to be done first is referred to as:
a) Criticizing
b) Complaining
c) Prioritizing.
d) Authorizing

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