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Which of the following is an example of a Mollusk?
a) Lobster
b) Jellyfish
c) Hydra
d) Clam

Which type of Mollusk is a clam?
a) Univalve (one shell)
b) A clam is not a mollusk.
c) Bivalve (Two shells)
d) Cephalopod (Head-foot)

Which of the following is a mollusk?
a) Oyster
b) All of the above
c) Octopus
d) Mussel

Which statement describes the body of a mollusk?
a) Soft body, many covered by a hard shell.
b) Segmented body
c) Body is adapted for life on land
d) Hard body, many covered by a hard shell.

How do mollusks get oxygen?
a) They have lungs.
b) The do not need oxygen.
c) They have gills
d) They use air sacs.

Which of the following describes a mollusks circulatory system?
a) A closed circulatory system with blood vessels.
b) Mollusks don\'t have a circulatory system.
c) Both an open and closed system.
d) An open circulatory system without blood vessels.

How do most mollusks move?
a) A muscular foot or jet propulsion
b) Fins
c) Many legs.
d) They don\'t move.

What type of mollusk is a snail?
a) A univalve (one shell)
b) Not a mollusk
c) A cephalopod (head foot)
d) A bivalve ( two shells)

What type of mollusk is a squid?
a) A univalve mollusk (one shell)
b) A squid is not a mollusk.
c) A cephalopod (head foot)
d) A bivalve mollusk (two shells)

What do squid and octopus use to hide from predators
a) Spikes
b) Poison
c) darts
d) purple dye

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