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Which of the following was a step that Gorbachev took to help end the Cold War
a) all of the these
b) He ended Soviet support for China
c) He signed an arms control agreement eliminating intermediate-range missles based in Europe
d) He withfrew all Soviet aid and support from Eastern Europe

North Korea's government is
a) communist
b) capitalist
c) socialist
d) democratic

The most important animal in Mongolia is the
a) horse
b) bear
c) tiger
d) snake

More than 50% of China's workers earn a living from
a) farming
b) fishing
c) tourism
d) banking

Japan is near one of the world's best
a) fisheries
b) lakes
c) deserts
d) rain forests

Most of Russia is located
a) at high northern latitudes
b) in arid climate zones
c) along the equator
d) on the Pacific Ocean

Most of northern Mexico is
a) arid
b) wet
c) humid
d) icy

South Koreans usually follow the value system of
a) Confucius
b) Muhammad
c) Moses
d) Gandhi

The Red Guards did all of the following except..
a) encourage freedom of religion
b) close schools and universities
c) imprison or execute opponents
d) send millions of people to work in the countryside

Vietnam's economy is still recovering from
a) the war that ended in 1975
b) Soviet rule during the 1980s
c) a civil war in the 1990s
d) being colonized until 2000.

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