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The only landlocked nation of mainland Southeast Asia is....
a) Laos
b) Thailand
c) Cambodia
d) Myanmar

Which of the following accurately describes the outcome of the Vietnam War?
a) The communists won the war and reunified the country.
b) The communists were defeated
c) Vietnam was divided into two countries
d) Elections were held and the communists won.

What caused the division of Korea into two countries?
a) Cold War rivalry
b) a vote by Koreans
c) Japanese conquest
d) Chinese meddling

Which of the following does not form part of Korea's borders?
a) Pacific Ocean
b) Sea of Japan
c) Korea Strait
d) Yellow Sea

Most of Japan is
a) mountains
b) coastal plain
c) grasslands
d) rain forest

A major effect of Commodore Perry's visit to Japan was...
a) Japan's decision to modernize
b) the Russo-Japanese War
c) the end of imperialism in East Asia
d) the overthrow of the emperor

As a result of the Treaty of Tordesillas
a) Spain and Portugal evenly divided the New World between them
b) Spain was able to claim most of the New World
c) Spain had to give lands claimed by Magellan to Portugal
d) Portugal took over Spain's claim to the West Indies

The Cuban Missile Crisis happened as a result of
a) Cold War tensions
b) the Alliance for Progress
c) U.S. intervention in Panama
d) the debt crisis

The Ural Mountains are a
a) dividing point between Europe and Asia
b) protective barrier against invasion
c) barrier against storms sweeping in from Siberia
d) popular vacation area for Russian nobles

During the Stalin era, Soviet literature was used primarily for
a) propaganda
b) social criticism
c) entetainment
d) education

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