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The part of a standing wave that does not move is called a ______________.
a) Node
b) Mode
c) Crest
d) Trough

Stacy takes a slinky and shakes it from side to side. She has just made a ________.wave
a) Transverse
b) Longitudinal
c) Tidal
d) Brain

Energy can never be created nor destroyed.
a) Always false
b) Sometimes true
c) Always true

An arrow in a bow has 70 J of potential energy. Assuming no loss of energy due to heat, how much kinetic energy will it have after it has been shot?
a) 50 J
b) 0 J
c) 35 J
d) 70 J

The amount of potential energy found in an elevated object is equal to __________.
a) The force needed to lift it
b) The distance it is lifted
c) The power used to lift it
d) The work done in lifting it

The unit of power is the _______-
a) Meter
b) Newton
c) Joule
d) Watt

A rotational space station may be made in the future. How many g's will be felt at the center of the station?
a) three quarters g
b) one half g
c) g (same as earth)
d) zero

Any force that causes an object to move in a circular path is called a _____________-.
a) Centripetal force
b) Centrifugal force
c) Newtonian force
d) Natural force

Potential energy is the energy an object has because of its ________.
a) Speed
b) Density
c) Temperature
d) Location

When you whirl a can horizontally above your head on the end of a string, the centripetal force is
a) The pull of the string on the can
b) The pull of the can on the string
c) Air resistance pushing on the can and slowing it down
d) Gravity pulling down on the can

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