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Science can best be described as
a) a difficult process
b) an information gathering process
c) a kind of logic
d) based on absolute facts

A scientist begins working by trying to explain a natural occurrence that is
a) observable
b) undetectable
c) unstable
d) important to humans

A scientific explanation for a natural occurrence is called
a) guesswork
b) detection
c) an observation
d) a hypothesis

Scientists always prove or disprove their explanation by
a) lab experiments
b) mathematical formulas
c) gathering evidence
d) using teir imaginations

Science is uncertain and changeable because
a) the education of scientists is always improving
b) new evidence leads to altered hypotheses
c) competition among scientists is fierce
d) scientific tools are often unreliable

All of the following are subjects for scientific study except
a) the size of the universe
b) the behavior of fish
c) the pollution of water
d) the right to die

Different scientists may obtain different results when studying the same subject because
a) they use different techniques
b) observations always differ
c) they delibrately lie
d) they do not cooperate

All of the following tools enhance a scientist's senses except
a) a telescope
b) a microscope
c) a Geiger counter
d) a stethoscope

To be considered valid, the results of a scientific experiment must be
a) mathematically verified
b) repeatable
c) simple & elegant
d) written up in detail

Before an experiment, a scientist needs to review
a) all possible predictions for other experiments
b) public opinion polls
c) results of other experiments related to the subject
d) consumer trends

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