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How many military districts was the South divided into under the Military Reconstruction Act?
a) 3
b) 6
c) 5
d) 2

Who was in charge of the military districts in the South?
a) Governor of the state
b) Northern Generals
c) Southern Generals
d) the President of the US

What was the purpose of the Black Codes?
a) prevent slaves from voting
b) prevent people from becoming citizens
c) to keep African Americans in conditions similar to slavery
d) to give African Americans freedom

Which group of people were called scalawags?
a) People who voted for slavery to be extended throughout the South.
b) People who voted to end Reconstruction in the South
c) People who joined the Republican Party and supported Reconstruction
d) People who joined the Ku Klux Klan after the war to continue discrimination of African Americans

Who wanted to use the military strategy known as the defense war of attrition?
a) Robert E. Lee
b) Jefferson Davis
c) Hiram Revels
d) Winfield Scott

Small, fast ships used by the South to get much needed supplies were known as
a) blockade runners
b) Reconstruction
c) surrender
d) impeachment

For Southern states to rejoin the United States, they were required to do all of the following except
a) ratify the 13th Amendment
b) ratify the 14th Amendment
c) ratify the 12th Amendment
d) ratify the 15th Amendment

On what date did the Civil War begin?
a) April 12, 1861
b) April 14, 1866
c) April 7, 1860
d) December 12, 1861

On what date the the Civil War end?
a) April 14, 1909
b) April 14, 1865
c) April 9, 1865
d) August 9, 1861

What did the Tenure of Office Act require the President to do?
a) The House of Representatives had to approve all Presidential appointments
b) The Senate had to approve all Presidential appointments
c) The President could no longer fire people from office
d) The President had the right to fire anyone at anytime

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