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The Greeks believed in:
a) Christ
b) Gods and Godesses
c) Heroes
d) All of the above

Why did Greeks make the most impressive religious temples?
a) The Greeks were given lots of money
b) The Greek ruler told them so
c) Gods and goddesses shaped events and effected how they lived
d) It was the way of life

Were did the eleven most important gods and goddesses live?
a) The temple of Apollo at Delphi
b) Mount Kilimanjaro
c) Mount Everest
d) Mount Olympus

The Greeks performed rituals to the gods in hope of what?
a) Great fortune
b) Immortality
c) Unlimited crops
d) Becoming a sorcerer

What was the oracle?
a) A village girl
b) The general\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s daughter
c) A shrine where a priestess spoke for a god or goddess
d) A wife

How would she speak to the priest?
a) whisper
b) She would speak to the monarch
c) In latin
d) In riddles

Where was the most famous place a oracle would be?
a) At the temple of Apollo at Delphi
b) On the side of a cliff
c) Her own house
d) None of the above

Who was a role model for young boys?
a) You
b) Queen Latifah
c) Margret
d) Homer

a) q

b) q

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