Physics Final Review Game Question Preview (ID: 649)

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Sunlight contains all colors of light, but much of it is ________________.
a) Violet
b) blue
c) yellow
d) red

An image of a distant object formed by a single converging lens ____________.
a) is real
b) is upside down
c) can be focused on a screen
d) All of the above

The shortest plane mirror in which you can see your entire image ____________________.
a) is half your height
b) is twice your height
c) is equal to your height
d) cannot be determined

Refraction is the result of _____________.
a) bending
b) more than one reflection
c) displaced images
d) different wave speeds

Compared to air, the speed of light in water is _________________-.
a) slower
b) faster
c) the same

Which of the following is NOT an electromagnetic wave?
a) sound
b) radio
c) light
d) X-ray

The main difference between a radio wave and a light wave is its ________.
a) speed
b) wavelength
c) both speed and wavelength
d) none of the answers is given

Which of these electrtomagnetic waves has the shortest wavelength?
a) radio
b) Infrared
c) Gamma
d) Light

How many beats will be produced when a 400 Hz frequency is played at the same time asa 406 Hz frequency?
a) 6 Hz
b) 400 Hz
c) 406 Hz
d) 806 Hz

A wave has a frequency of 10 Hz. What is its period?
a) 10 seconds
b) 1/10 seconds
c) 20 seconds
d) 1/100 seconds

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