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Did the Christians belive in the Romans God
a) yes
b) no

In what year did the Romans mistreat the Christians?
a) A.D. 312
b) A.D. 45
c) A.D. 64
d) A.D. 726

Where does the word trinity come form?
a) 2
b) 8
c) 3
d) 7

Jesus often used who to present his message?
a) Followers
b) Gods
c) kings
d) parables

Who did the Romans force out of Jerusalem?
a) David
b) Jesus
c) Mary
d) John

Who preached Christianity to Ireland
a) Avelardo
b) kelvin
c) Patrick
d) Jason

Which was not the names of Trinty
a) Kelvin
b) Holy Spirit
c) Son
d) Father

a) a
b) a
c) a
d) a

a) a
b) a
c) a
d) a

a) a
b) a
c) a
d) a

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