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What was Israel's capital?
a) Hadera
b) Kiryat Bialik
c) Jerusalem
d) Nazareth

What did Christians believe in?
a) Jesus was the son of God
b) Jesus is a girl
c) Jesus is from Europe
d) They\\\'re better than God

What was the name of God, Jesus, and Holy Spirit together?
a) Threesome
b) Church
c) Three wise men
d) Trinity

Which book do Christians read?
a) The Sahih Al-Bukhari
b) The Bible
c) The Torah
d) The Koran

What year did Romans take over Judah?
a) 2011 A.D.
b) 215 B.C.
c) 81 A.D.
d) 63 B.C.

What is a messiah?
a) Deliverer
b) Messenger
c) Servant
d) Pizza Man

How many disciples Jesus have?
a) 7
b) 10
c) 12
d) 45

a) a
b) a
c) aa
d) a

a) a
b) a
c) a
d) a

a) a
b) a
c) a
d) a

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