Physics Final Review Game Question Preview (ID: 648)

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The unit of work is the
a) Joule
b) Watt
c) Horsepower
d) Newton

An object at rest may have _____________.
a) Momentum
b) Speed
c) Potential Energy
d) Kinetic Energy

A rollercoaster starts at the top of a hill with 100 J of energy. Halfway down the hill is has 50 J of potential energy and _________ J of kinetic energy.
a) 25
b) 50
c) 75
d) 100

As a pendulum swings back and forth _________________.
a) at the end points of its swing, its energy is all potential.
b) Kinetic Energy is transformed into potential energy.
c) At the lowest part of its swing, its energy is all kinetic
d) All of the above

Charles notices a fuzzy outline on his shadow. What is the name of this partial shadow?
a) Umbra
b) Penumbra
c) Umbrella
d) Acapella

Green light mixed with red light gives you what color light?
a) Magenta
b) Yellow
c) Cyan
d) White

What particles are found in the nucleus of an atom?
a) Proton and Neutron
b) Proton and Electron
c) Electron and Neutron
d) Just electrons

What is the charge on an electron
a) Positive
b) Negative
c) Neutral

Different colors of light correspond to different light ____________.
a) Velocities
b) Intensities
c) Frequencies
d) None of the answers given

A tennis ball is more easiily seen if its color is _____________.
a) white
b) black
c) violet
d) yellow-green

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