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what year did this Opiom war take place?
a) 1800-1842
b) 1914-1916
c) 1814-1842
d) 1200-1242

World War I is diffent then any other war because ______________
a) Both side deloped new weporn
b) world war I took place in mostly eupore
c) every country fight in the World war
d) The U.S Goverment decrase Taxes after World war I

What is Nationism?
a) a nation that as too much power
b) ones intense of one country
c) a courtly where everyone pay taxes went they feel like it
d) when everyony fight for the army

China and Japan felt precule from witch two country?
a) U.S/Canada
b) Canada/Europe
c) U.S/Eurpoe
d) China/Eurpoe

what was the nickname for world war I
a) "The war to end all war"
b) "The Great war"
c) "The Cold war"
d) "The ending war"

Which was the first two Courtry in World war II
a) fire/Ice
b) Canada/mexico
c) U.S/itily
d) Augtria/Hugary

Where most of Eupore Colonie
a) Asia
b) Africa
c) North Amercania
d) South Amercania

Most of the fighting in the World War I
a) Asia
b) earth
c) western front
d) U.S

what year in intily join the war
a) 1916
b) 1915
c) 1917
d) 1918

What time did the Qino was power of china
a) 1776
b) 1937
c) 1584
d) 1644

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