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How long is the Nile River?
a) 2,000 miles
b) 4,000 miles
c) 42 miles
d) 4,000 meters

Who were mummified once dead?
a) everyone
b) nobles & priests
c) unskilled workers
d) pharaohs

What was paper made out of?
a) papyrus
b) hieroglyphics
c) pine trees
d) rocks

Who was the first woman ruler of Egypt?
a) Hatsheput
b) Ramses II
c) Queen Elizabeth
d) Jessica

How long did the Hyksos rule Egypt?
a) 2 years
b) 200 years
c) 120 years
d) 10 months

What was put in the pyramids after the pharaoh died?
a) furniture
b) jewelry
c) food
d) all of the above

What did the egyptians do to enrich the soil?
a) Turn the soil
b) Put More soil down
c) nothing
d) Flood the Nile River

What was the writing system called?
a) hieroglyphics
b) turkish
c) spanish
d) english

what were the pyramids made of?
a) sand
b) stone
c) granite
d) brick

The Egyptians invented a 365 day calender.
a) false
d) true

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