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Early peoples who moved frequently as they searched for the food they needed for survival are called
a) hunter gatherers
b) village dwellers
c) subsistence farmers
d) guild members

The use of the Silk Road in Asia and caravan routes in northern Africa and SW Asia encouraged
a) self-sufficiency
b) cultural diffusion
c) ethnocentrism
d) cultural diffusion

Hieroglyphic and cuneiform systems provided the basis for the development of
a) subsistence farming
b) painting and sculpture
c) oral traditions
d) recorded history

One similarity between the Gupta Dynasty in India and the Tang Dynasty in China is that each dynasty
a) promoted equality for women
b) made advances in the arts, sciences, and math
c) gained overseas colonies
d) developed a representative government

A direct result of the Crusades was that
a) the pope lost control of the Church
b) Europeans increased demand for goods from the East
c) Christians gained permanent control of the Holy Land
d) nobles gained power over monarchs

Which development in Russian history led to the other three?
a) Orthodox Christianity was adopted in Russia
b) Trade developed linking Russia and the Byzantine Empire
c) The Cyrillic alphabet became the basis of Russian written language
d) Russian rulers took the title of czar, or caeser.

Which factor contributed to the decline in the power of the European nobles in the late Middle Ages?
a) decreasing importance of towns and cities
b) collapse of international trade
c) rise of nation-states
d) increase in the influence of serfs

One conclusion that can be reached from the evidence about Mansa Musa's rule of Mali is that
a) Christianity was a dominant religion in Africa in ancient times
b) complex civilizations existed in West Africa before the arrival of Europeans
c) trade was not necessary for a civilization to survive
d) the slave trade originated in West Africa

One way in which the Eightfold Path and the Five Pillars of Faith are similar is that these rules
a) represent codes of behavior
b) restrict social mobility
c) stress the spiritual being in all natural objects
d) suggest a deep respect for nature and reincarnation

Which statement best describes the role of the Roman Catholic Church in Europe during the Middle Ages?
a) The Church encouraged individuals to question authority
b) Church leaders were only involved in spiritual activities
c) The Church gained influence as people became more interested in secular affairs.
d) The Church provided a sense of stability, unity and order.

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