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The culture of ancient Greece was basesd around gods,poetry,art and
a) ideas.
b) money.
c) family.
d) architecture.

Greek people belived gods and goddesses controlled.
a) homes.
b) nature
c) life
d) countries

Greeks devoled_ that are still used today.
a) ideas
b) food
c) inventions
d) skills

The most important gods lived on Mount
a) Olympus
b) Alps
c) Appenines
d) Everest

Poetry and fables taught Greeks their
a) manners.
b) education.
c) values.
d) personality.

Greeks drama contributes to_ today.
a) school
b) life
c) education
d) entertainment

Greeks what showed beauty and harmony?
a) art and achitecture
b) food and art
c) cleaness and neatness
d) family and life

Pythogras taugt his students
a) not to steal
b) follow directions
c) obey parents
d) the univers follows the same rues of numbers and music

Greeks devoled what thats still used?
a) money
b) inventions
c) houses
d) ideas

Pythagoras was a Geek what?
a) baker
b) guard
c) philosopher
d) king

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