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what is the bridge the native americans crossed
a) Beringia
b) beriigis
c) ice mountain
d) ohio

how many hunters did it take to kill one wooly mammoth
a) 7
b) 3
c) 5
d) 10

The Aztec moved into the vally of
a) mexico
b) california
c) ohio
d) texas

In the west coast they used what to make a home ^_^
a) adobe
b) mud
c) bricks
d) ice

The inca fall to what leader
a) obama
b) Da vinci
c) pizarro
d) columbus

Spanish defeated the aztecs with
a) guns
b) all of the above
c) diseases
d) horses

which to cilivations helped form mound building
a) usa and africa
b) adena hopewll
c) maya aztecs
d) adena hopewel

which rulers set up highly organized goverment
a) incan
b) black ops
c) aztecs
d) maya

who won the superbowl
a) steelers
b) green bay
c) cowboys
d) dolphins

who won the ncaa tournament
a) butler
b) michigan
c) osu
d) uconn

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