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How does the sun get it's energy?
a) nuclear fission
b) nuclear fusion
c) radiation
d) nuclear power

Scientists theorize that when our sun runs out of nuclear fuel, it will become a ________
a) black hole
b) planet
c) star
d) white dwarf

The largest planet is ________.
a) Jupiter
b) Pluto
c) Uranus
d) Saturn

What is a geocentric model?
a) Sun centered model
b) Star centered model
c) Earth centered model
d) Moon centered model

What is a heliocentric model?
a) Sun centered model
b) Star centered model
c) Moon centered model
d) Earth centered model

What is a description of the solar system in which all the planets revolve around the sun ic called a(n)_________.
a) ecllipse
b) rotation
c) orbit
d) ellipse

What part of the sun could you see from Earth?
a) the core
b) radiation zone
c) convection zone
d) photosphere

Which planet is called the 'red planet'?
a) Mars
b) Saturn
c) Mercury
d) Jupiter

Saturn's rings are made of_______.
a) dust
b) snow
c) chunks of ice and rock
d) sand

What planet is to the left of Earth?
a) Sun
b) Mars
c) Venus
d) Mercury

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