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I announced an end the persecution of Christians in 325AD.
a) Constantine
b) Theodosius
c) Nero
d) Augustus

I made christianity the empire's official religion in 380AD.
a) Theodosius
b) Constantine
c) Titus
d) Domitian

I crossed the Rubicon River as an act of war when the Senate ordered me to disband my army.
a) Caesar
b) Augustus
c) Vespasian
d) Nerva

I am credited for founding the city of Rome.
a) Romulus
b) Remulata
c) Rasputan
d) Revian

I used Christians as my scapegoat and torutured and killed thousands of them.
a) Nero
b) Titus
c) Claudius
d) Caligula

I renamed myself the "exalted one".
a) Octavian
b) Caesar
c) Caligula
d) Tiberius

I was stabbed over 20 times on the floor of the my own friends!
a) Caesar
b) Nero
c) Augustus
d) Remus

I was accused of killing my best general, Germanicus.
a) Tiberius
b) Claudius
c) Trajan
d) Domitian

I divided Rome into two empires, one in the east and one in the west.
a) Diocletian
b) Constantine
c) Caesar
d) Trajan

I instituted Pax Romana.
a) Augustus
b) Constantine
c) Remus
d) Claudius

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