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Which stages of metamorphosis are in complete order?
a) pupa, larva, egg, adult
b) egg, pupa, larva, adult
c) egg, larva, pupa, adult
d) adult, larva, pupa, egg

Which animal goes through metamorphosis?
a) cat
b) dog
c) house fly
d) gecko

What is the main job of the larva to do?
a) find a home
b) eat, eat, eat!
c) change into an ault
d) lay eggs

What item helps you create a circuit that will light up a lightbulb?
a) wooden stick
b) nail
c) tooth pick
d) clothes pin

In what unit of measurement does a Triple Beam Balance weigh in?
a) pounds
b) mililiters
c) grams
d) onces

How many stages does INCOMPLETE metamorphosis have?
a) 5
b) 3
c) 2
d) 4

An ecosystem consists of what?
a) living and nonliving components
b) living components
c) nonliving components
d) biotic components

A nonliving component in an ecosystem would be-
a) rabbits
b) trees
c) water
d) dead, rotting plants

The definition of mass is -
a) anything heavy
b) anything that weight a lot
c) volume divided by mass
d) anything that takes up space

"g" is known for what?
a) gallon
b) grams
c) generation
d) genome

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