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What is permafrost?
a) Thick layers of snow.
b) A layer of soil below the surface that stays frozen all of the time.
c) Permanently frozen plants
d) frozen food

Name three process that release carbon dioxide into the air.
a) smoking, running, and photosynthesis
b) running, exercising, and breathing
c) smoking, exercising, and photosynthesis
d) photosynthesis, breathing, and exercising.

Where does most of the precipitation fall to the Earth?
a) on people.
b) on land.
c) In the oceans.
d) on the buildings.

Choose the example of an abiotic factor changing an environment.
a) A person cuts the lawn.
b) A dog digs a hole.
c) A forest fire burns a forest.
d) A swarm of locust eat a crop.

What process causes carbon to become part of living organisms?
a) photosynthesis
b) cellular respiration
c) respiration
d) precipitation

How do wetlands replenish groundwater?
a) Water evaporates from the wetland.
b) Water transpirates from the wetland.
c) Water moves lower underground or seeps down to the groundwater
d) Water forms clouds over the wetlands.

What must happen to nitrogen gas before plants can use it?
a) It must be changed into nitrogen compounds.
b) It must be added to fertilizer.
c) It must be bubbled through water.
d) Nitrogen gas must be blown over the plant.

Why is the speed of water an important abiotic factor in a fresh water ecosystem?
a) Plants have to move so they are in the sunlight.
b) Organisms need to adapt to hold on so they don't get washed away.
c) Animals have to know how to swim so they can return to their habitat.
d) Organisms have to be able to move around.

Which of the following is not a type of grassland?
a) Steppe
b) savanna
c) tundra
d) pampas

Which biome is the most biologically diverse?
a) grassland
b) Temperate deciduous forest
c) Fresh water lake.
d) Tropical Rain forest.

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