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Which minority group did Caesar Chavez fight for?
a) Hispanic Americans
b) women
c) African Americans
d) Native Americans

Who benefited from laws like the Elementary and Secondary Education Act of '68 and the Voting Rights Act of \'75?
a) English language learners
b) Hispanic Americans
c) Americans under the age of 20
d) Americans with disabilities

Which did NOT happen during the ratification process of the Equal Rights Amendment?
a) Women were guaranteed equal pay for equal work.
b) Congress approved the amendment
c) Phyllis Schlafy said that it would make women bad mothers.
d) 30 out of the 38 states needed passed the amendment.

Which law did NOT ban discrimination against people with disabilities?
a) Education and Secondary Education Act
b) Americans with Disabilities Act
c) Education of Handicapped Children Act
d) Rehabilitation Act

Which group fought for equal opportunities for women?
a) NOW
c) UFW

The National Congress of American Indians fought for
a) greater control of tribal lands.
b) equal voting rights in American political elections.
c) free movement throughout the United States.
d) integration of schools on Native American reservations.

Which of the following was NOT sited by Detroits for contributing to the decline of the city of Detroit in the 1960s?
a) unequal educational opportunities
b) police brutality
c) white flight
d) lack of affordable housing

When was President John F. Kennedy assassinated?
a) November 22, 1963
b) April 9, 1957
c) December 12, 1967
d) October 29, 1972

This act banned segregation in public places.
a) Civil Rights Act of 1964
b) Voting Rights Act of 1965
c) Elementary and Secondary Education Act of 1964
d) Brown v. Board of Education

Which of the following was a technique used by Martin Luther King Jr. and his followers to protest segregation?
a) sit-ins
b) throwing rocks
c) setting buses on fire
d) attacking their opposition

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