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What is the pathway of energy transfer as a result of feeding patterns of a series of organisms?
a) Food chain
b) biome hain
c) biome map
d) food map

What is a diagram that shows the feeding relationships between organisms in an ecosystem?
a) Tree map
b) biome map
c) Food Web
d) Food map

What is the name of a triangular diagram that shows the loss of energy that happens as energy passes through the ecosystems food chain?
a) Energy pyramid
b) biome pyramid
c) Food Web
d) Energy map

When two or more organisms or populations try to use the same reource at the same time and place?
a) Fighting
b) Competition
c) Begging
d) Combustion

In a food web or chain the arrow points to
a) the organism that is flying away.
b) the organism that is being eaten
c) the organism that is doing the eating.
d) the organism that is in another biome.

What happens to an ecosystem when a species is introduced or a species disappears?
a) The entire ecosystem dies.
b) The entire ecosystem becomes stronger.
c) The organisms die out
d) The entire ecosystem becomes out of balance.

What kind of bacteria breaks down organic matter and returns it to the environment as carbon dioxide and water?
a) fungi bacteria
b) slime mold bacteria
c) Decomposing bacteria
d) biome bacteria

When is food a limiting factor?
a) When populations are large.
b) When there are few animals
c) When there are very few plants.
d) When there is lots of water.

How do most animals get the carbon they need?
a) By drinking water
b) By eating plants.
c) By laying in the sun.
d) By keeping warm.

Matter moves between the environment and living organisms in _______
a) water
b) cars
c) air
d) cycles

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