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Which of the following parameter sets would provide the best replica of an original sound
a) 44 kHz 16 bit resolution stereo
b) 11 kHz 11 bit resolution
c) 44 kHz 8 bit resolution stereo
d) 22 kHz 16 bit resolution mono

Effective teamwork demands team members to demonstrate
a) Cooperation
b) All of these items
c) Proper ethics
d) Respect

Interactive training that is delivered via CD ROM is known as
a) WBT
b) Closed broadcast TV
c) Video tape
d) CBT

Issues to consider when producing a multimedia project include
a) Packaging
b) All of the above
c) Price
d) CD cover

What is the process called when a multimedia project is tested by an outside (external) sample target audience before releasing it to the software market
a) prelim test
b) beta test
c) market test
d) alpha test

Emphasis is created by
a) color
b) all of the above
c) texture
d) size

Working as a member of a production team, each member
a) works alone without collaboration
b) needs to do the exact same job
c) Has a specific role and primary responsibility
d) lets someone else do the work

The analysis phase in creating a multimedia project includes
a) writing objectives outlining content and creating a course map and storyboard
b) Evaluation of the finished product
c) Gathering and processing information affecting the audience structure purpose content and design of
d) applying digital media creation skills to popoulate a course with relevant media

A working model of the conceptual design for a multimedia project is called
a) prototype
b) transition effect
c) animation
d) storyboard

When working in a team environment the graphic designer is responsible for
a) creating the online version of the course
b) creating the visual layout and look of the course
c) reviewing and approving the content to make sure it is accurate
d) determining the earning strategies for the course

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