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Which of the following is NOT true concerning hurricanes?
a) Most of the deadliest hurricanes occurred recently due to the increased populations along shorelines
b) Once a hurricane is deadly or costly enough, the name is retired out of respect
c) Most of the deadliest hurricanes occured a long time ago due to lack of technology to predict hurric
d) They started gettting named in the 1950's

This is the safest place in your home when a tornado warning has been issued
a) bathroom of the basement
b) center of the basement
c) corner of the basement
d) outside

Hurricanes are classified according to intensity using the ____.
a) Saffir-Simpson scale
b) Doppler scale
c) Fujita scale
d) Richter scale

The mature stage of a thunderstorm is associated with which of the following?
a) two of these are correct
b) downdrafts
c) heavy precipitation
d) updrafts

The greatest number of thunderstorms occur in the ____.
a) tropics
b) middle latitudes
c) mountains
d) high latitudes

Which of the following is NOT true concerning hail?
a) All thunderstorms produce hail
b) Often associated with tornadoes
c) Become larger when the storm is strong enough for the updrafts to keep it in the clouds.
d) Often form around dust, a bug or ice crystal

The eye of a hurricane has the ____.
a) calmest weather
b) highest air pressure
c) most intense rainfall
d) highest wind speeds

Thunderstorms form when warm, humid air rises in a/an ____.
a) unstable environment
b) stable environment
c) counterclockwise spiral
d) clockwise spiral

What causes a hurricane to lose energy when it moves onto land?
a) two of these are correct
b) friction
c) lack of warm, moist air
d) heating from below by land

The center of a tornado is characterized by its ____.
a) low pressure
b) very high pressure
c) sinking air
d) eye wall

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