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What are the 3 elements of a story?
a) beginning, middle, end
b) script, actor, director
c) writing, filming, editing
d) lights, camera, action

What is the visual diary of your video or film?
a) script
b) storyboard
c) production notes
d) timeline

When should all, or most of your production decisions be made?
a) pre production
b) on the movie set
c) post production
d) the day of filming

What should always be considered when framing a shot?
a) battery power
b) sound
c) rule of thirds
d) shot list

Where can you view your editing progress in the video software?
a) timeline
b) file folder
c) video clips
d) editing effects folder

What is the term used to describe keeping specific elements the same throughout production?
a) repetitive
b) double check
c) shot list
d) continuity

What is a good shot to include in a conversation video?
a) close up
b) over the shoulder
c) medium
d) all of these

What type of shot displays the camera as a subject or character?
a) wide shot
b) over the shoulder
c) point of view
d) two shot set up

What is a standard piece of equipment used for steady camera shots?
a) hand held
b) tri pod
c) camera strap
d) lens

What is a document that describes your needed camera set ups?
a) script
b) synopsis
c) shot list
d) rule of thirds

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