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Elements of text are used in a multimedia project for
a) Headlines
b) Text body
c) Titles
d) All of the above

What graphic file format maintains transparency when exported?
a) PCX
b) BMP
c) GIF
d) JPG

The NTSC standard refers to
a) The types of colors in video signal
b) The way the television signal is broadcast in the US.
c) The national law of television systems
d) The amount of pixels in each screen

Which of the following is not an example of an input device?
a) Keyboard
b) Microphone
c) Scanner
d) Printer

The 2 most commonly used file formats for web graphics are
a) GIF and JPEG
b) GIF and BMP
c) BMP and TIFF
d) JPEG and BMP

Which process smooths the edges of shapes, such as letters on a computer screen?
a) Anti-aliasing
b) Spooling
c) Framing
d) Masking

The clipboard refers to
a) A palette in a bitmap program
b) A special method for attaching files to email
c) A special memory area used to store temporary files
d) Desktop shortcut

To convert a file from one type of file to another you can
a) Use a file conversion program
b) Open the file and change the file type using the file “save as” command
c) Rename the file with a new extension
d) Both a and b

The person who knows a subject area intimately and helps find and select materials to include in the product is called?
a) The client
b) The graphic designer
c) The producer
d) The subject matter expert

Which of the following is the fastest method to transfer large files such as video and audio from a peripheral to the computer?
a) Serial
b) ftp
c) parallel
d) IEEE 1394 Firewire

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