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Computers display color data using three numbers to internally represent which color properties?
a) HTP (Hue, Tone, Pixel)
b) RGB (Red, Green, Blue)
c) HVS (Hue, Value, Saturation)
d) PAL (Pixel, Algorithmic, Luminance)

When using color in a Multimedia project you must consider all of the following EXCEPT:
a) The cost of the project
b) The subject of the project
c) The intended audience of the project
d) The intended mood and feeling of the project

An animation that generates intermediate frames between two images to give the appearance that the first image evolves smoothly into the second is called?
a) Frame by Frame
b) Dithering
c) Masking
d) Tweening

For educational multimedia projects, students may use copyrighted material when?
a) Written permission has been obtained
b) When media is public domain
c) When it is accessible on the WWW
d) Both A&B

Symmetrical balance is often used to create a feeling of:
a) Stability
b) The illusion of being off balance
c) Excitement
d) Movement

Demographic information is gathered during which stage of the ADDIE model?
a) Evaluate
b) Analyze
c) Develop
d) Implement

What advantage does digital video have over analog video?
a) Digital video requires little equipment to produce
b) Digital video is not subject to generational loss
c) Digital video has no real advantage over analog video
d) Digital video files are very small in size compared to analog video files.

Multimedia employers often look for which characteristics in employees?
a) Reliability
b) Responsibility
c) Cooperation
d) All of the Above

Contrasting colors such as blue background with yellow text are used to create
a) Emphasis
b) Balance
c) Texture
d) Unity

In an authoring tool an “event” is best described as
a) Sampling video
b) A process to compress graphic files.
c) Capturing video
d) What happens when an object initiates an action

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