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A caress is a
a) sudden yank
b) powerful shove
c) loving touch
d) handshake

To coax is to
a) ask shyly
b) persuade gently
c) interrupt
d) command

To move at a furious pace is to go
a) in a circle
b) away
c) back and forth
d) very fast

Sending a get well card to a friend is a loving
a) request
b) caress
c) gesture
d) preference

A preference is someone's
a) personality trait
b) first choice
c) address
d) name

To recover is to
a) buy something new
b) get well again
c) get a new job
d) move to a new home

To replace a book on the bookshelf is to
a) choose to read it
b) pick it up
c) put it back
d) ask for it

Which is a friendly dog most likely to shun?
a) a skunk
b) a child
c) the dog's owner
d) a smaller dog

Someone who mopes is feeling
a) gloomy
b) nervous
c) exited
d) relieved

To request a book from the library is to
a) read it
b) write a report about it
c) returen it late
d) ask for it

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