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The total variety of living things in an area is called?
a) Genetic Diversity
b) Vaudeville
c) Ecology
d) Biodiversity

A species upon which many other organisms depend is called a:
a) Extinct organism
b) High Roller
c) Keystone Species
d) Invasive Species

The non-living parts of an ecosystem are called:
a) Biotic Factors
b) Abiotic Factors
c) Population
d) The Living Dead

The living parts of an ecosystem are called:
a) Biotic Factors
b) Abiotic Factors
c) Community
d) Population

A living thing is called a(n).
a) Cast
b) Organism
c) Population
d) Limiting Factor

All the members of one species living in an area is called:
a) Community
b) Population
c) Symbiont
d) Life Load

All of the different organisms living in an area are called:
a) Ecosystem
b) Abiotic Factor
c) Population
d) Community

Which is NOT an abiotic part of an ecosystem?
a) Sun
b) Rain
c) Rocks
d) Bacteria

The total number of one type of creature that can live on the resources in an area is called:
a) Population
b) Death Ability
c) Carrying Capacity
d) Population Explosion

Organisms who capture and convert sunlight into food are called:
a) Producers
b) First Level Consumers
c) Second Level Consumers
d) Parasites

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