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Which of the following is the correct order (from smallest-largest) for the ecological levels of organization?
a) species, population, community, biome, ecosystem
b) community, species, population, ecosystem, biome
c) species, community, population, ecosystem, biome
d) species, population, community, ecosystem, biome

There are 4000 units of energy available at the producer level of the energy pyramid, approximately how many units of energy are available to the second level consumer?
a) 40
b) 4
c) 0.4
d) 400

Which of the following would NOT match grass?
a) autotroph
b) producer
c) heterotroph
d) biotic factor

Consumers make up the bottom level in an ecological pyramid.
a) True
b) False

What is the ultimate (or orginal) source of energy for an ecological pyramid?
a) water
b) soil
c) oxygen
d) sunlight

A food web is more complex than a food chain.
a) True
b) False

Why must there be a continuous supply of energy in an ecosystem?
a) Because animals get eaten and others will run out of food.
b) Energy is lost as heat as it travels between trophic levels.
c) Because an ecological pyramid gets smaller as you go up.
d) The sun doesn't always shine.

Which of the following is NOT a fossil fuel?
a) coal
b) methane
c) oil
d) natural gas

Burning fossil fuels can have which of the following effects on the environment?
a) Increases amount of carbon dioxide in atmosphere
b) Increases the greenhouse effect.
c) Can contribute to global warming.
d) All answers are correct.

If there were more consumers than producers in an ecosystem, what would occur?
a) nothing different would occur
b) consumers would run out of food (energy)
c) producers would run out of food (energy)
d) the ecosystem would flourish

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