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A focal point of a multimedia screen is:
a) A graphic
b) What the viewer sees first
c) The text.
d) The background

In a sound file, the numbers 11 kHz, 22 kHz, 44 kHz describes:
a) The number of recorded channels
b) The signal to noise ratio
c) The best method for compression
d) The sampling rate

Multitasking refers to:
a) The style of operating system used by the computer
b) Multiple applications running simultaneously
c) Converting a file from one format to another
d) Using more than one input device to enter data into a computer

When should permission be obtained for copyrighted materials?
a) You don’t have to obtain permission if you are a student.
b) After you have finished the project
c) Before you begin the project or as soon as possible
d) Half-way through the project.

Files are compressed to:
a) Enhance graphic colors
b) Reduce file size
c) Retain maximum source file information
d) Increase file size

The plan for a multimedia project would include all of the following except
a) Flow chart
b) Insurance form
c) Storyboard
d) Audience analysis

Which phase SHOULD take the longest amount of time in creation of a multimedia project?
a) Planning and Design
b) Marketing and Sales
c) Proposal Development
d) Development and Authoring

In which multimedia development phase do you assess the effectiveness of a complete project?
a) Design
b) Evaluation
c) Implementation
d) Development

Specific backgrounds, common design elements, consistent type faces, compatible colors, and easily accessible buttons are all part of a well designed:
a) Script
b) Tool book
c) Flow chart
d) Interface

How many megabytes does a 22,566 KB file equate to?
a) 225 MB
b) .225 MB
c) 2.25 MB
d) 22.5 MB

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