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What are hexadecimal numbers used for in web?
a) Defining colors on the web
b) math
c) css
d) html

What tag is used to start a table?
a) t
b) table
c) tbody
d) target

Which text is the biggest?
a) h1
b) h6
c) h4
d) p

What does the tag (br/) do?
a) creates a 1 pixel line
b) single space
c) bold text
d) forces a line break (enter key)

What color is #FFFFFF
a) white
b) red
c) black
d) green

Which one is an attribute
a) a
b) img
c) href
d) body

Strict, transitional, and frameset are examples of what?
a) Meta Tags
b) Doctypes
c) css types
d) SEO

What is the tag for an ordered list?
a) ol
b) ul
c) li
d) dl

Which one is an example of an attribute?
a) body
b) a
c) href
d) td

What are the three colors and the order that are used to create the hexadecimal number?
a) blue red green
b) Red green blue
c) green blue red
d) black blue red

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