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The mineral's properties are largely due to what?
a) Their internal arrangement of atoms
b) Their texture
c) Their color
d) How they were formed

It's the true color of the mineral in it's powdered form
a) Luster
b) Streak
c) Hardness
d) Cleavage

A mineral's hardness is based on this scale.
a) Richter
b) Mercalli
c) Moh's
d) Bernulli

This mineral reacts with Hydrocloric Acid.
a) Calcite
b) Galena
c) Pyrite
d) Olivine

When a mineral breaks unevenly, its said to have what?
a) Density
b) Luster
c) Cleavage
d) Fracture

Its the way a mineral reflects light.
a) Cleavage
b) Luster
c) Hardness
d) Fracture

Its the tendency of a mineral to break along clean, even surfaces.
a) Fracture
b) Color
c) Luster
d) Cleavage

Its a mineral's resistance to being scratched.
a) Hardness
b) Luster
c) Acid test
d) Streak

Its a naturally occurring, inorganic, crystalline, solid.
a) Rock
b) Mineral
c) Element
d) Mixture

This mineral has metallic luster and cubic cleavage.
a) Olivine
b) Calcite
c) Galena
d) Orthoclase Feldspar

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